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Ntural Kenaf Seeds

After years of testing Kenaf in small plots we have selected some lines that performed best.
Those lines were tested in monitored trial fields in Israel, as well as in several tropical and temperate zones around the world, where we could learn their performance and behavior under various conditions.
The results are a range of improved varieties that can be adapted to any geographic location, and respond to the grower specific requirements.

    We have practical experience and knowledge of growing Kenaf under various conditions:
  • At altitudes from 250m below sea level up to 2200m above sea level.
  • At latitudes from the equator and up to 35° – 40° N or S .

    We have developed some of the most unique Kenaf varieties:
  • Some are suitable for biomass production – for animal feeding & forage.
  • Others are good for fibers & core production.
  • The multipurpose varieties are suitable for two uses or more in one growing cycle.
  • KGI offers Kenaf varieties & technology particularly suitable for Oilseed production.

Variety Leaf Shape DLS (*) Temperate Zones Tropics
Gamma_1 whole Insensitive Oilseeds Biomass
Guliver Palmate Insensitive Oilseeds Biomass
Purple-1 whole Low Multipurpose
Purple-2 Palmate Low Multipurpose
Efrat-1 whole Low Multipurpose
Efrat-2 Palmate Low Multipurpose
Galia whole High Biomass
Saba-14 whole High Biomass
Saba-16 whole High Biomass
Elal-1 Palmate High Biomass
Elal-2 Palmate High Biomass
Elal-3 Palmate High Biomass
Raz Palmate High Biomass
  • (*) Day Length Sensitivity Ranks:
    • High : Higher Sensitivity - Blooms early
    • Low : Lower Sensitivity - Blooms late
    • Insensitive : Blooming is not affected by day Length

Kenaf seeds for sale

Prices & Terms

  1. Large orders - 1 ton or more:
    $10,000 USD per Ton FOB, Packed in bags of 25kg each.
    40% advance payment by order placement.
  2. Small orders - 100Kg - 500kg:
    $1,500 USD per 100kg FOB, Packed in bags of 25kg each.
    60% advance payment by order placement.
  3. Samples - Up to 10kg:
    $50 USD per 1kg FOB.
    Fully paid in advance by order placement.
  4. Samples and Small orders will be shiped by air freight.
  5. When Phytosanitary Certificates are required, an additional $200 per variety in a shipment will be charged, regardless the size of the shipment.
    In some countries, in specific cases, such as small quantities for research purposes PC is not needed.

KGI's Kenaf breeding & seed production

Kenaf Breeding

Through years of testing & studying Kenaf in a wide range of growing conditions, KGI has developed a comprehensive knowledge about Kenaf’s optimal growing needs in many locations around the world.
This know-how enables us to respond to any specific requirement.
In addition, we have a rich collection of Kenaf types & varieties.
We combine our thorough experience and the rich collection to develop a very ambitious breeding program.
The program’s main goal is to allow us to offer the best Kenaf type or variety for any specific application - on any location.
We can offer varieties that are insensitive to day length and therefore will produce well in the tropics.
For the temperate zones, we have some varieties that are growing well in long-day summer.

    In the near future, we will have some Kenaf varieties that present better performance in four different areas:
  • Biomass production – whole stalks (paper, MDF, pellets)
  • Biomass production for fibers & core (Non-woven, Absorbents, Biocomposites)
  • Forage & animal food production
  • Kenaf seed oil production
We also offer multipurpose Kenaf varieties i.e. varieties that can give 2 kind of yields in the same field & same cycle (produce biomass and oil, or biomass and forage)
Our already running breeding program also includes some Kenaf hybrids. Those hybrids are tailored to the specific needs of the new technologies & applications.
Among our new varieties & hybrids, one can find smooth-stalks types, Kenaf with high content of fibers or core and hybrids with especially strong fibers.

Kenaf Pollination

Kenaf Variety

Experimenting Kenaf
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