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KGI is devoted to develop knowledge & technology for Kenaf growing, processing as raw materials for industrial uses & applications.
During the first decade of the millennium, KGI has searched & learned the bottlenecks, barriers and constrains laying on the way of Kenaf of being a reliable source for sustainable, renewable & eco-friendly raw materials.
We now have the ability and the knowhow to grow Kenaf globally, wherever similar field crops grow. (eg.- cotton, sugarcane, maize, tobacco, wheat, etc.)
KGI offers wide range of Kenaf varieties, processing technology and contacts in global markets that allow a Kenaf project development for any purpose under different condition for many industries from Paper Pulp through Non Woven fabrics, Insulation Mats, Bio Plastic & concrete composites to animal feeding & bedding.


The Concept

At KGI, we believe that we have in our hands the golden key for efficient use of Kenaf as a basis and leverage for development of a wide-range eco-friendly industries.
Our goal is to ensure a stable supply of high quality raw materials to meet the global increasing demands for raw materials and products that are not harmful to our planet.
We offer a complete chain – from agricultural production through processing systems, industrial production of many kinds of products, as well as marketing & financial assistance.
The global demand for natural fibers is growing in 10-15% annually, and bio-based product market estimated value for USA only is more than 100 billion dollar (2010).

    Kenaf fibers & core are already used in the following industries:
  • Automotive industry – substitute & replacement of synthetic fibers & fillers
  • Green Building – decking, roofing
  • Furniture – many kinds of MDF types board
  • Paper – substitute of wood chips for pulping
  • Petroleum – absorbents & mud additive
  • Bio-Energy – as a source for cellulose-ethanol
  • Environment hazardous – absorbents of many types of chemicals from soil & water

Our concept & experience enables us to develop Kenaf projects in each area as a part of global system but under local specific conditions & needs – means that the adaptation of Ag technologies, varieties, separation process as well as taking the decision whether to establish a complete chain (from field to final products) in one case or, put the emphasis on Ag production & processing in other.

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