Kenaf Green Industries offers the full supply chain for a successful eco-friendly innovative industry.

Our unique one stop shop model ensures that no matter the stage you're looking for, we got a tailor-made solution to offer you.

KENAF is an excellent natural raw material for many industries.

At KGI, we offer the full A to Z procedure: Seed enhancement, improving plant growing methods and processing the crops thus adjusting the material to a wide variety of innovative industries.

Contact us today and be a partner in developing tomorrow's industry.

Kenaf Seeds

After years of research and development and worlwide testing, we can now offer you unmatched variety of the best quality Kenaf seeds.


Our Global Projects

Our open-minded approach brought us to some of the most interesting and intriguing palces in the world...


About Kenaf

Kenaf is considered to be one of the best candidates for Ethanol production due to its high BioMass production rate.

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